A Haxorous with an ability that no other has, and who ha stuck by Avan's side for a long time.

Apperance Edit

Corrupted green plated skin with black plated skin as well. Red eyes and red tusk with a tail two two feet with 2 toes each. He is average in height and weight for his species of pokemon being Haxorus.

Personality Edit

He acts kind to most pokemon as they see him as a nice person and he can be very caring. He likes to help other Pokémon with his tremendous power as he can destroy a whole town with ease. He can be emotional at times and can be very scary if you get on his bad side.

He can be intimidating to those he doesn't like and can throw around jokes here and there as well as threats. He lobes a good fight that allows him to show off his power.

Biography Edit

Being born into a family of Haxorus who lived on a mountain, he grew up in a peaceful environment without fear of destruction. As he grew up from an axew, he would break his tusk on purpose to make them sharper, thats when his name came from, meaning "Steel Tsuk". He lived up to the name when he was a fraxure for when he was in town he would always show off his tusk strength. A wild mega charizard rampaged through the forest and to the mountain and destroyed his family and home, leaving him he only survivor of his family. He evolved and turned into a haxorus and sharpened his tusk once again. He found the charizard again and battled it, and after being pinned down he used his form of battle bond and and became a different haxorus, as he took down the charizard and continued to wander the word for a good fight. (The story is still going}

Transformations Edit

In this form, if his anger gets high enough, he transforms and his steel tusk widen and get harder as this is his rage form. Rarely Pokemon get this ability and have control over it, as Aurum dosent. In this form, his power doubles and he can go head to head with a mega charizard its self.

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