Appearance Edit

Avan or Four is a small, 9 year old boy, with a short black curly hair just big enough to cover his blue eyes. He wears a Red knitted Jacket with a small, iron zipper, also wearing blue cloth jeans.

Personality Edit

Four is a kind, and caring person and will only trust gnomes, as well as trying not to harm the monsters. He's quick and cunning and that's usually all he uses. He tries to make as many gnome friends as he can so they can help each other escape. He's also confident in his low level of psychic powers he uses to retrieve his glow stick.

Biography Edit

Being born on the Maw and not knowing of his mother, he was taken and captured by the monsters 2 years after birth. As he grew and by eating the bread he would get everyday, he kept his mind sharp as one day they left his cell door open for some reason and he escaped. He hid in the vents and made it his home and watched people attempt to escape, and learned from it. He then learned he had a small level of telekinesis and used it to pick up small pieces of food or small times. He found a glow stick one day and used his psychic powers to throw it around and bring it back, as well as keep it glowing. He can influence the stick to flash as bright as it can and blind his enemies temporarily, but after he cant use his psychic abilities for a limited time. (the story still goes on.)

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Telekinesis- He can use his weak psychic powers to pic up small and light object from a short distance.
  • Glow Stick Overheat- He can keep his glow stick glowing with his powers as well as use it to blind his enemies for a limited time.