Appearance Edit

Green Leaf Hoodie with 2 equivalent vines hanging on them, which are used for firing quills. Brown wings with orange designs on the inside and whit spots on the outside.

Personality Edit

€How they act in public: Friendly and Kind as he can be very protective of those who are being cornered in a way. He is quick to protect those from danger and can be charismatic as well around friends.

€How they act at Home/family: The same as how the act in public.

€How they act under stress: He will fire arrows at inanimate objects and murmur to himself about the cause of his stress.

Likes: Shooting targets, training, being kind

Dislikes: Missing targets, aggression, evil

Fears: Fire. Die he saw his home and family but down, it scares him to see it happen to him.

Biography Edit

Being born in a tree village, his father the chieftain taught him how to fire his quills. As he grew he was great shot and defended his village until he was a dartrix. Hus village was attacked by a wild mega charizard X who killed his parents and set his village ablaze. He lost his home and was the last surviver ass he ran and fought many Pokémon along his way and trained. He trained hard enough to become a Decidueye and learned he had an ability called battle bond, as he used it to change form.

Transformations Edit

Mega decidueye by phatmon-daxtjtx

Under Extreme emotional stress, he can transform into a new decidueye for and can fire quills faster, and move faster as well. In this form, all of his normal senses sharpen to and extreme level, but with a cost of lower defense.

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