Bone Melter, a Dinobot that was isolated and now has awoken.


With the combine height and weight of Grimlock, along with his pure solver body, he becomes am silver spinosaurs when he changes to his alt mode. He also has a deployable sheild on his arm that he can also fire from.
Th (77)
Th (76)


Him having little to no memory of who he was before the expirments, he can vary from many personalities. His main personality is alike a lone powerful soldier who vows to destroy the decpeticons. He rarely sides with the autobots and trust Dinobots but always kills decpeticons on sight.


Bone Crusher was a Autobot who was skilled wit a sword and led by Grimlock. He went on a mission alone and was captured by Deceptions and experimented on, as they turned him into a dinobot. They isolated him as he was mindless and could've easily broken out due to his power. After Cybertron was during the took Hus isolated capsule with them but was launched off in a space pod in the muddle of space. He came down at blazing speeds to earth and his isolation pod shattered as he remained inactive for a while and now mindlessly roam the world and being activated after a while.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has a shield that he fires from and blocks most ranged attacks and he had flammable acid breathnen he's in alt mode.