"From Dimmest day, to brightest night, confidence is our brilliant sight, we don't fear your corrupted might, calmest power cyan light"


The Cyan Lanterns were formed by a astonian named Coren Rider. He lived on mogo and always go into fights confident is his skill, intelligence, and speed. Weeks later after a guardian was created by absorbed space energy and talked to Coren about his personality and how he acted and left for a while a ring flew out of nowhere and came upon Coren. he put on the ring and he said "From Dimmest day, to brightest night, patience fills our fearless right, were not scared of your black might confidence fills our undying light" he became a cyan lantern. he relocated himself on the home of the cyan lantern power battery Joama.


As the Cyan Lanterns powered by confidence they are very sharp and cant easily be defeated.

"Cyan lanterns are easily defeated by strong quick attacks thats why they move faster than other lanterns"

-Coren Rider


The Leader: Coren Rider. Counselor Royal: moza domwe. Peasant counselor: Borian sortarian. Pesant counselor: Bozieen walker General: Hasphen Monk warrior: borotog


The Enemies: Red, Sinestreo, orange, and black lantern corps Allies: Green, Blue, Pink, Indigo, and White lantern corps Place of Formation and Base Universe: New Earth Creators: (unknown) Status: Cyan Lantern Corps

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