Kyzor is a surviving Saiyan of the Saiyan race with the power of the newly acquired Super Saiyan White and Super Saiyan Light.

Apperance Edit

He has similar black hair to gohan except half of it is outlined with red, as it has a slender line of hair running down to his eye that all red. his face looks similar to Goku's as well along with him wearing armor exactly alike Raditz but with Blue and red outlining. He has an ectomorph but muscular body, and Dark Brown skin.

Personality Edit

Kyzor is a more of a hero type and prefers to have fun along with a good fight. Hes a fun outgoing guy who can be very humorous and romantic at times. He's not the type to brag or back down to a fight, as he will protect anyone thats innocent from anything that can harm the person. He act really cocky and powerful around his opponents as he remains silent to give them the feel of intimidation, as hes the type the strike fast without them seeing and continue the combo until he wins.

In Super Saiyan white he acts the same but in battle he acts more aggressive and his tactics change completely as he uses his power to a form a quick condensed small blast over ad over until his opponent is weak enough for a quick rush attack. In this form he takes more of a villain shape as he would rather let those he finds innocent die from time to time.

Biography Edit

When he was born, he was instantly sent off into space in a space pod, as planet Vegeta was being destroyed. After being sent off into space, he was abducted by an newly unknown race that looked similar to namekians but blue ad without pupils. After being abducted, he was taken to there planet mogo with multiple temples nature and there he lived as there warrior. As he grew, he was strong and learned fast how to fight and after just a few years at the age of 10, they told him a prophecy of how a saiyan of black hair will be found and trained and shine with a gleaming light of white, and after hearing of it he trained harder physically and mentally until he could reach such a power. Years later he was set off to a task, as he was supposed to kill a powerful and insane warrior that has gone rouge. after an epic battle of ups and he was pinned down as the rouge formed a disc and nearly chopped him in half until he went super saiyan white and his hair turned white as well as strands of his hair were red as then his power was able to match super saiyan 3. He defeated his opponent and was honored as the highest ranking in there army and he set off across the universe to give word of the new power. (Story Still Growing until he dies or until I die)

Powers Edit

  • Flight- Kyzor possesses the ability to fly using ki

Ki Blast- The most basic form of energy wave

  • Shining Blast- Kyzor's version of kamehamaha where he fires a white version of it with a blinding light.
  • Solar Light- Kyzor's version of Solar Flare where he unleashes a constant blinding light from his body that drains his ki
  • Light Flash- Kyzor's version of Final Flash which is a white beam with blinding light and is much faster.
  • Light Flash Barrage- He knocks his opponent around multiple times around and then blast him with a Light Flash.

Transformations Edit

Super Saiyan White Edit

Super saiyan white goku by digiradiance-da206pw

After his battle with the rogue, he's had full control of this form while it still has an impact on his social health while in it. He muscles just slightly enlarge and he power increases to that of a super saiyan 3, and his body gives off a slight white glow. His blast are brighter as well and he can maintain this form as long as he inst mentally damaged. His personality and tactics change in the form as he takes a more careless brutal approach to fights as he can be over confident.