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The Were Shark is a man or woman that has been bitten by a feral salzor shark. This Is a rare occurrence but its possible as well for a pure blood were shark to be born if two were sharks that were bitten were to have a child. Were Sharks aren't known to most since they don't appear commonly throughout folk lore or super natural crisis and usually dwell beneath the waves.

Origin Edit

After a vampire decided to experiment with multiple super natural beings with there infections. The first subject was a great white shark as he then infected it with vampire fluids and let if live out in the world. The name of the vampire scientist was Salzor as that name would be remembered. The shark seemed to grow in size within 2 months as it was then the size of a car. It then began to merge with the vampire blood as it was humanoid and it grew more humanoid limbs. A month later it was capable of breathing on land and under water along with its tail growing thinner and more flexible and it growing arms and legs.

It then began to take over as it went from beach to beach dragging humans to the bottom of the ocean eating some and letting little go as after 3 months of doing it 2 escaped to become were sharks and the infection spread from the alpha shark.

Appearance Edit

As to the wereshark's transformed self, though, appearances vary a bit. Of course, the most obvious reason for this is because numerous different types of sharks exist in the world. In essence, each type of wereshark appears like an anthropomorphic version of its shark species; Wereshark species range from Great White Weresharks to Hammerhead or Mako Weresharks or Blacktip or even Whale Weresharks.

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Though, certain differences arise even within Weresharks of the same breed. Some have fingernails similar to ordinary humans, while others have monstrous claws. Some have webbing between their fingers and toes, while others do not. Some have their trademark shark fin on their back (ie traditional dorsal fin), while others have the fin closer to the lower neck, or on top of their heads.Some Weresharks even lack tails.

And of course, their body shape varies, often in line with their pre-transformation body shape. A Wereshark may be lean, athletic, buff/ripped/muscular, husky/chunky or even fat (typically for Whale Weresharks).

  • Great White: Great White Were-Sharks typically have rough skin with Dark blue more surrounding every part of there body except there stomach, face, and neck. They have fins and are the strongest of there kind. There also carnivorous with 3 rows of sharp impenetrable. They're muscular as well.
  • Whale Shark: Whale Were-Sharks have brown rough but more on the smother side skin, It surrounds every part of there body except there stomach, face, and neck. They're more passive and most are vegetarians or are herbivores.
  • Tiger Shark: These sharks are alike the Whale shark except there skin are more smother, there muscular, and are more carnivorous. These sharks have two rows of sharp and hard teeth that grow back easily.
  • Hammer Head: These Sharks are alike the Great white but can come with light blue skin or dark blue skin that rough for both colors. They have teeth alike the Tiger Shark and are carnivorous along with being muscular.

Abilities Edit

  • Water Manipulation- The ability to control water and shape it at your own will
  • Enahnced Strength- Were Sharks are strong enough toe move tucks with all there strength. A great white has to use of his to life or move it, the hammer head has some trouble but using its head to move it is much more easier, the whale shark has some trouble moving it, while the tiger shark can barely make it budge.
  • Enhanced Dexterity- There Rough Skin is strong enough to deflect bullets without even noticing.
  • Water Telepathy- They can communicate with the tide to locate people within water or speak to it and ask for guidance.
  • Enhanced Senses- Were-Sharks have enhanced smell which can smell blood from 5 miles away in water and faintly smell blood a mile away out of water. They have acute sight which allows night vision. They also can sense which way is north, east, south, and west. They're skin is ultra sensitive to electricity which allows them to sense electrical currents in water.
  • Impenetrable Teeth- There teeth are strong enough to tear steel apart with some strain.
  • Shark Morph- They can turn into the shark they are in its normal state which is without the arms or legs.
  • Regeneration- They can regenerate at a fast paced rate as cuts go by in 1 minute and if focused on the cut it will go by in 6 seconds. They can even regenerate limbs at the cost of there stamina.
  • Superhuman Stamina- There stamina in water allows them to swim as 167 miles an hour for an hour without getting tired but on land they travel at 47 miles an hour for 20 minutes before getting tired.
  • Flexible Tail- There tales can act as whips and thrash out in less then a second to strike if the Were-Shark is provoked todo so.
  • Lie Detection- They can sense when someone's lying to them straight to there face.
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